A few months ago, I read this quote from Zig Ziglar:

And it really got me thinking. I contemplated and reflected on the journey I have been on, and the classes, books, events, people that had a measurable impact on my growth.

What if I had a do-over?
How could I speed up the process?
How could I get ‘there’ more efficiently?

And so evolved a Master 8 Experience called Pathways.

It synthesizes those impactful parts of my journey into a simple, yet profound 4-part program.

It takes you on a journey to create Pathways which accomplish real change that you can touch and feel and experience, should you choose to.

The Pathways Journey

PART I:   What Do You Want

Seems so simple, doesn’t it?

Such an easy question, ‘What do you really want? What would fill your heart up right now?’

Yet … oftentimes challenging.

Can you give yourself permission to answer truthfully from deep within?

Together, we will go on a journey to start unfolding your deepest desires for your life, whether in health, work, relationships with others, how you relate to yourself, environment and/or other areas.


PART II:  Where Are You Now

Knowing where you’re going is important … knowing where you are starting is essential.

Who are you now? What rules do you live by – wanted and unwanted, conscious and sub-conscious?
Why do you aim for a goal and then find you’ve done something that doesn’t help you get there but hinders your progress?
Why can’t you get there already?

You cannot change something you are unaware of. This process gives you the gift of awareness of what is often running the show from within. Those that help us and those that hinder us.


PART III:  How Do I Get There?

Understanding how your brain works so that you can wholistically ensure change will be successful is paramount.

It means you can release doubt and know that what you are doing will work as you follow the formula. This is not woo woo, or fantasy or unrealistic wishes. It is biology and quantum physics.

Together we explore how your synapses are fired so you neurologically rewire your brain to achieve the goals we have identified in Part I.

Understand what your identity is shifting towards and why, and how you evolve in this process.


PART IV:  Insights, Revelations, Celebrations, & What’s Next?

It is human nature to acclimate to the new ‘normal’ and forget where we have come from.

We will slow down to reflect on what has transpired over the last 8 weeks.

Together we will unpack, honor & celebrate the deep insights, revelations, aha moments, and wisdoms from your Master 8 Pathways Experience.

And then lovingly explore your next destination.


You have tried many things – some worked wonderfully, some were frustrating
There is a restlessness within that keeps nudging you
You are so ready to discover who you really are deep within
You are craving really getting to know ALL that person and play
Yet, you are still seeking permission to BE who you choose, rather than BE and DO for what you know/assume others expect of you
There is a push from inside to keep moving forward
You know there are gifts and wisdom in your past experiences, and yet accessing them is scary or hard
You’re a lifelong learner, constantly seeking mentors and guides to make this journey more clear and powerful for you
You are not afraid of hard work. You are a person of your word. You are not afraid of commitment
And yet…committing to yourself first and foremost before anyone else? That feels selfish and somehow wrong because you have always sacrificed parts of yourself to be the good girl or good boy

The prison walls around you are made up of your own assumptions

Are you ready to speed up – and enjoy your journey at the same time?
Are you ready for your next guide on this journey?

Here is what is required of you:
A commitment to yourself.
A commitment to mindfully do the work.
A commitment to revel in the results.

If this resonates let’s have a conversation and explore if Pathways is the right experience to expand you and move you forward right now….


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya D'Angelou

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier and better.”

Mother Teresa

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

Dr Wayne Dyer

“Your life can change in an instant, after a powerful insight.”

Rich Litvin


“I cannot express how fortunate I am to have met Ronita and to have had her work with me. She is one of the most magical and powerful people I know. I say she is magical because of her ability to see another person’s gifts, strengths, and abilities. She did this for me one on one, and I observed her do it for others in a group we were in together. She has an incredible ability to see what is there, however hidden and to reflect it back to you in a way that you understand and believe so that you can strengthen and develop it further.

I remember remarking to her that she was an Oracle and I realize now, that this word is not sufficient to describe her insight and power. Ronita is unique in her ability to be incredibly gentle, loving, and supportive while at the same time completely direct and holding you accountable when you are playing small, letting the unhelpful inner voices get loud, or just generally undervaluing yourself.

Finally, I can’t speak about Ronita without mentioning her curiosity. She is so genuinely curious about other people (which I think speaks to her generous spirit) and is able to use this as a tool for their growth and development. Again, it is my great fortune to experience this personally. Ronita inspires me to go deeper and dream more expansively and helps me to explore what I find so that i can transform the learnings into tangible actions and experiences in my life.”   AT

“Thanks for the great insight…it was very concise yet extremely informative and painted a very vivid picture. Impressive.”   BO

“I really appreciate your effort, promptness and unique insight into getting to the bottom of what will work best for me.”   CB

“…your compassion in such a deep private part of my life has been powerful … your words landed , they shifted shame to feeling empowered”   KP

“… brings comfort, peace, reassurance and love … radiate light for others to come to. I am beyond beyond GRATEFUL to see your light and partake of it. YOU are an angel on earth. Bless YOU beyond beyond.”   JRS

“Ronita has the ability to listen so deeply to what you are saying that she is able to shine the light of clarity upon a murky mind and give you new perspective & direction … to leave a session feeling completely seen, known, valued, understood, and supported.

She has an uncanny ability to suggest the perfect actions & exercises to help you breakthrough current limitations & rise to the next level … help you clear the lens so you can be as bright as you can be!”   TF

“I could not be happier with the result…the support, encouragement and patience I received from you was more than I ever expected. You knew what I needed and you gave it to me. I am excited to continue working with you as my business grows.”   JV

“That is a profound gift. You have this depth, and wisdom, and gravitas, and you also have this fire that when you speak, you have this way of igniting something. It’s a remarkable energy to sit with and be with.”   JP


There are 2 journeys we get to explore together.


PATHWAYS a virtual journey conducted on zoom, or

THE MASTER 8 EXPERIENCE an in person bespoke healing experience on the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua.

There are 4 sessions in the Pathways Journey that are conducted online.

The 4 areas we cover are:

  • SESSION I:   What Do You Want
  • SESSION II:  Where Are You Now
  • SESSION III:  How Do I Get There?
  • SESSION IV:  Insights, Revelations, Celebrations, & What’s Next?

When you take the in person Master 8 Experience, there are five phases:

  • PHASE I:   Incite ~ Insight | Rediscover Your Spark
  • PHASE II:  Inspire | Fan The Flames
  • PHASE III:  Ignite | Burn The Dead Wood
  • PHASE IV:  Impart | Pass The Torch
  • PHASE VIn Service | Paying it Forward to the Local Community.

Your In Service day can be helping build a home, mentoring young entrepreneurs, helping out at one of the local schools, etc. Together, we will curate a meaningful day for you.

For the Pathways Journey, I would recommend blocking out 1.5 to 2 hours for each session because I prefer not to hurry, rather to set aside adequate time for us to explore together the things that come up.

For the Master 8 Experience, there are four Half Day Deep Dive Sessions that last about 3.5 to 4 hours each day. Each phase is crafted to build upon the one before.

Each Pathways Journey and The Master 8 Experience is personalized for you.

The sessions are one-on-one allowing us to go far deeper for the most impactful insights.

“Your life can change in an instant, after a powerful insight.”

Rich Litvin


The investment in the virtual Pathways Journey is $1800. The sessions run between 2 to 4 months depending on how deeply and how intensely you are ready to delve.


The investment in the in-person Master 8 Experience is $5000.

Everything outside of your plane ticket will be taken care of for the 5 full days, including airport pick up, accommodation, meals, transportation for any activities, and special events within the Pathways Experience.

I would recommend coming a day or so earlier and leaving a day or so later, so you can arrive peacefully before we start the sessions on Day 1.

18% of your investment is donated to Single Mothers Outreach. An organization that empowers single parents & their children providing hope, support, & resources so families can become self-sustaining & thrive.


Many of my mentors were graceful and kind enough to assist me on my journey of growth, and it is important to me to pay that forward.

Scholarships are always offered on a needs basis.

Let price not be the barrier you use to block your own path to evolving. Where there is a willing heart, there is a solution.

Please schedule in a call and together we will explore this option and how it may be suitable for you.

Antigua is one of the 2 major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Ringed with coral reefs, the island is known for its many sandy beaches, as well as vibrant cities.

Antigua is located in the Eastern Caribbean’s Leeward Islands, above Barbados, east of Jamaica and below British Virgin Islands.

There are multitude of direct flights available from USA, UK and Canada.

When it comes down to it, the reasons to love Antigua are all tied into the things the island is most known for: its beautiful white sand beaches, sailing, the 18th century Nelson’s Dockyard, its culinary delicacies, the largest nesting colony of frigate birds in the Caribbean, and much more!

First, trust that you will get what you intend and need from either option. Ultimately you are investing in yourself. Different people have varying learning modalities, and different degrees and commitment to change.

Option A:  Virtual Pathways Journey

This option is best suited if you are not open to traveling currently for any number of reasons.

If you like to go at a slower pace and allow time for things to land, and then address insights and challenges that come up, then the virtual Pathways Experience is for you.

You will have access to me via text and email in between sessions. I encourage you to allow that support. Use it without misusing it.

Option B:  The In Person Master 8 Experience

The Master 8 Experience is a bespoke healing experience to cultivate a beautiful, better relationship with yourself.

It is curated on the island of Antigua in the Caribbean.

This is the better option for you if you enjoy being immersed in a program.

If you prefer face-to-face interactions rather than digital.

If you enjoy and are open to traveling.

There is something very powerful about leaving one’s normal life, with all its inevitable distractions and demands on your time and attention.

To gift yourself the precious time to re-calibrate your life, to delve deep into who you are, what you want, and how to accomplish that with ease and grace.

There is something freeing about leaving home and having everything taken care of for you so all you have to do is book your flight, and choose to come with an open mind, be ready to play full out, and be embraced by your own internal transformation.

There are limited spaces available for the one-on-one in person The Master 8 Experience.

Please see tab below for more information about the beautiful island of Antigua.

If you still feel unsure about which option is best for you, let’s have a conversation. Please use this link to book in a call and we will talk this through together.